dmesg for OpenBSD developers

Just to remind people, it's important for the OpenBSD developers to keep track of what hardware works, and what hardware doesn't work perfectly.

A quote from /usr/src/etc/root/root.mail

"If you wish to ensure that OpenBSD runs better on your machines, please do us a favor (after you have your mail system configured!) and type something like: # dmesg | mail -s "Sony VAIO 505R laptop, apm works OK" so that we can see what kinds of configurations people are running.  As shown,including a bit of information about your machine in the subject or the bodycan help us even further.  We will use this information to improve device driver support in future releases.  (Please do this using the supplied GENERIC kernel,not for a custom compiled kernel, unless you're unable to boot the GENERIC kernel).  The device driver information we get from this helps us fix existingdrivers. Thank you!"
Make sure you send email from an account that is able to also receive email so developers can contact you if they have something they want you to test or change in order to get your setup working. It's not important at all to send the email from the same machine that is running OpenBSD, so if that machine is unable to receive email. This can be done by running the following (assuming is your email account): 

# dmesg | mail -s "HP nx6320; All but x works fine"

When you get that email, forward it to: 

For more on this matter, read FAQ 4.9: 4.9 – Sending your dmesg to after the install


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