Windows Automatic File Backup and Recovery Tool


    Comodo Inc. announced the release Comodo BackUp, the FREE automated file duplication and recovery tool for Windows XP/2000 that allows users to quickly and easily schedule ongoing backups of critical files. Free of charge, the release addresses a security hole for many users who, whilst acknowledging that regular backups are important, have not yet implemented a solution due toconcerns over difficulty and cost.

Suitable for home users and network administrators alike, Comodo BackUp protects data from system crashes, accidental deletion and corruption from viruses by generating a safe backup copy of valuable files. Backups can be saved to local and networkdrives as well as FTP servers and CD/DVD rewriters. Should the original files become damagedor lost, users can quickly recover them using Comodo BackUp’s one touch ‘restore’ feature.


    * Easily backup files or folders anywhere on your computer, network, CD-RW or FTP server
    * Protect yourself against ever losing those critical files that took hours to create
    * Quickly recover your data in the event of data loss
    * Schedule backups to run automatically at a time that suits you
    * Synchronized backup feature – save a file and it gets copied instantly
    * Send E-mail notifications to team members about the status of a backup job
    * Save Disk space by compressing your backups as ZIP files
    * Configure in minutes with our intuitive interface


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