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logoI was searching for a kool terminla emulator for my freebsd system, so i started skimming the freebsd ports collection untill i came accross the Terminal-0.2.4_1 (Note: Xfce can be a kool alternative to GNOME windows manager – since its a light weight and easy to use emulator, not suitable for heavy GUI persons – like ma friend t0m, hehehe :)) anyway….

Terminal is a modern terminal emulator for the Unix/Linux desktop – primarly for the Xfce desktop environment. We developed it because we saw the need for a lightweight and easy to use terminal emulator in the Xfce desktop environment, that doesn’t require the user to install the GNOME plattform, but still provides a worthy alternative to the GNOME terminal emulator.

System Requirements
Terminal works on every Unix-like system. It has been tested on several GNU/Linux distributions, including Debian GNU/Linux, Lunar Linux and Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD so far.

you can use pkg_add to install terminal, but i prefer to use xfce as the windows manager and then install the latest Terminal

term2  term1


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