bsd i was searching for wardriving tools based on BSD, i’ve been using netstumbler on windows and its quite promissing. So after a few searches i found a tool called DStubler, dstumbler is a wardriving/netstumbling/lanjacking utility for bsd operating systems that attempts to provide features similar to netstumbler in a fast and easy to use curses based application. it is part of the bsd-airtools package released by Dachb0den Labs, which provides a complete bsd based tool set for 802.11b penetration testing known as bsd-airtools. The bsd-airtools is a collection of tools for wi-fi testing and pnetration, tool include:
> dstumbler v1.0
> dweputils v0.1
> prism2ctl v0.1
> prism2dump v0.01
> *bsd source-mods v0.2

a screen shot of dstumbler in action

To compile dstumbler for a bsd operating system, simply run the configure script:

$ ./configure

once configure completes, edit the generated Makefile if so desired, and then run make to compile dstumbler:

$ vi Makefile
$ make

note: as of dstumbler-v1.0-rc2 you need to apply the source-mod patches to your kernel for dstumbler to work properly.

To install dstumbler, simply run make install. the Makefile will install dstumbler into /usr/local/bin by default and chmod/chown it to 700/root.wheel so you only run it as root: (root is required to run dstumbler)

$ sudo make install

ill be doing some testing based on the bsd-airtools and will update as i make progress, untill next time – CIAO

if you have any idea or a comment let me know, thnaks


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