Wi-Fi project 101

wi-fi its all about wi-fi sniffing baby…

Me and my buddy had a project going…wi-fi testing, well basically learning the wi-fi technology, in order to do that we had to do penetration testing, this means hooking the stuffs, sniffing the traffics and finally hijacking the sessions 🙂 what better way is there to learn than doing it yourself, i know that practice makes perfect…. i’ve been reading alot on wi-fi, but didnt understand cause i needed to do that in real time…

so we have all the reference materials, now gathering all the equipments and within this week we are good to go… well do the test and note every bit of it, so anyone whos reading this blog can do the techniques also :)… so well be back with our wi-fi 101 project… till then keep checking this blog

see ya 🙂


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